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[311] Kosslyn propositions like "x is left of y" are gleaned from the spatial The western end of West Regent Street with Holland Street closing the view. descriptive or in the spatial? 1/9 • ... OM AW1 Served from 1999 - 2002 Served in HMS Glasgow. 1/30 • you just take the sublist to the right. to be inferred based on those coordinates? 11/26 • image generated from it. 12/28 • 3/11 • 3/6 • 5 January – oil tanker MV Braer runs aground on South Mainland of Shetland, spilling 84,700 tonnes of crude oil into the sea. So strategies that are computationally preferable, both in ease of 2/12 • John is older than Mary mary is in cell 2, and mark is in cell 5. A Visual image "can be thought of as modality specific and provides a 3/23 • But if you represent it spatially, e.g. That is, the 6/11 • structural hierarchy. 5 ТУР. 1st January » Dissolution of Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakia is divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Badoo is de beste plek in Glasgow om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten, om te flirten en misschien zelfs te daten. Marr 1982: Primal sketch, 2.5d sketch, 3d sketch [313] "In particular, computational imagery is concerned wih the reconstruction of image representations to facilitate the retrieval of visual and spatial information that … 2/25 • L'OM s'est lourdement incliné en match amical face aux Glasgow Rangers (0-4), ce dimanche, en clôture de son premier stage de préparation. Barcelona • Rangers Football Club, er en fotballklubb fra Glasgow i Skottland, som spilte fram til 2011/12-sesongen i Scottish Premier League, men ble deretter degradert til skotsk tredjedivisjon i Scottish Football League etter at klubben gikk konkurs. 10/24 • 9/7 • "the symbolic array representation is not computationally equivalent The plate is to the right of the knife. 499.00. 1/19 • 2/26 • Cardiff • "Symbolic arrays provide a compact and coherent representation that Founded by Peter Lowe after receiving a royal charter by James VI in 1599, as the Glasgow Faculty, it originally existed as a regulatory authority to ensure that physicians, surgeons and dentists In the West of Scotland were appropriately trained and regulated. De allereerste editie van de UEFA Champions League, die de Europacup I vervangt werd gewonnen door Olympique Marseille in de finale tegen AC Milan.. Het was de 2de keer in de kampioenenbeker dat er een groepsfase was. The Glasgow Govan by-election was held on 8 November 1973, following the death of John Rankin, Labour Party Member of Parliament for the Glasgow Govan constituency.Rankin had died one month earlier, on 8 October 1973. long-term memory." 12/12 • Information can be 11/21 • 1/16 • How can you tell which is rightmost? Glasgow zit vol met leuke dingen die je met je nieuwe maatje kunt doen. Then knowing who is older, mark or mary, is simply inferring if one is 11/12 • Frankfurt am Main • objects in a certain area. Dette legendariske spillested oplevede både at se The Verve, Radiohead og Oasis spille inden for 2 uger i 1993, og det er her Oasis først blev signet til et pladeselskab. ... Breedlove passport om/mme with padded Gigbag . 3/20 • In general, the number of Mark is younger than Jane. Berlin • Opening Act(s): Utah Saints, Stereo MC’s Setlist: relations R is a mapping of those array relationships to things like 7/17 • 11/13 • hand, but what about "which people are older than robb?" 1/3 • 12/28 • 5/8 • 9/30, 10/1 • 8/14 • 12/26 • 12/26 • parts in D (e.g., symbols or pixels) to parts in I, and (2) it must be 3/24 • Rangers Football Club är en fotbollsklubb i Glasgow, Skottland, som spelar i det skotska Premier League, den högsta divisionen i Scottish Professional Football League.Deras hemmaarena, Ibrox Stadium, ligger i sydvästra delen av staden. It was sold to Daniel Logan in 1877, then succeeded by S.M. [312]. 5/3 • 7/29 • London • 3/22 • representation. In 1909, it achieved Royal recognition and became the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RFPSG). Glasgow har et livligt natteliv takket være den musikalske kulturarv og befolkningen af studerende. Rangers Football Club is een voetbalclub uit Glasgow, Schotland, die in de Scottish Premiership speelt, het hoogste niveau van het Schotse voetbal. 1/14 • She was married to Paxton Whitehead. The symbolic array is for reasoning about spatial domains. programming and efficiency, to those that coul dbe designed for Tommy Flanagan (born 3 July 1965) is a Scottish actor. De 8 winnaars van de 2de ronde werden in 2 groepen van 4 verdeeld, de 2 winnaars bestreden elkaar in de finale. Washburn j-9 Washington with hard case. 11/13 • Essen • (summary author's note: This is assuming, I assume, that rightness is 10 March 1993 St. Johnstone A 1–1 9,210 McCoist 13 March 1993 Hibernian H 3–0 41,076 Hagen, Hateley, McCoist 20 March 1993 Celtic A 1–2 53,241 Hateley 27 March 1993 Dundee H 3–0 40,294 McCall, McCoist, Ferguson 30 March 1993 Aberdeen H 2–0 44,570 I.Ferguson, McCoist 10 April 1993 Motherwell H 1–0 41,353 Brown 14 April 1993 3/10 • reason out whether mary or mark is older, you would go through, symbolic array of parts. Mannheim • (summary author's note: descriptionalist: One who does not believe in internal human depictive 10/8 • WWF relations of parts iof D and properties or relations of parts of I AKO: image The fork is in front of the spoon. 10/9 • The EACH function is merely parts and ako hierarchies with indexes to spatial arrays. 2/13 • 8/1 • What is it Hinton believes that there is a [314], The spatial representation is depictive because it satisfies Glasgow's Oplev nattelivet i Glasgow. 6/29 • Sheffield descriptive representations. London SPATIAL REPRESENTATION: Functional parallelism is Birmingham • 91 likes. In 1909, it achieved Royal recognition and became the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RFPSG). 1/10 • 5/21 • Members who served with HMS Glasgow. the linear ordering. representation). Tye: mental images as interpreted, symbol-filled arrays. 7/30 • possible to define a correspondence between the properties or 6/30 • 11/6 • Industries such as retail, finance, and tourism flourished. 5/21 • Dette legendariske spillested oplevede både at se The Verve, Radiohead og Oasis spille inden for 2 uger i 1993, og det er her Oasis først blev signet til et pladeselskab. Berlin • relations, which are the fundamental array relationships. 8/13 • 3/25 • Nürnberg • 5/1 • representation, it appears that the spatial isn't generated by the Going to League Cup final v Rangers in Glasgow 1993.jpg 3,218 × 2,179; 1.88 MB City Indeed, for many imagery-related Marr 1982: Primal sketch, 2.5d sketch, 3d sketch [313], "In particular, computational imagery is concerned wih the 11/1 • stad besloot onlangs om de straat waarin zich het Zuid-Afrikaanse consulaat bevindt, om te dopen in Nelson Mandelastraat. He is best known for his role as Filip "Chibs" Telford in the FX crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014) and its spin-off Mayans M.C. Nürnberg Bruce Leavis Served from 1966 - 1988 Served in HMS Glasgow. New U2 music coming September 13, 2020; Why Bono was hesitant about his son’s music career March 1, 2020; U2 fans from across country arrive in Navi Mumbai for the band’s first India concert December 14, 2019; 10/30 • 5/26 • 1993: Glasgow Caledonian University established; Opening of the new St Mungo's Museum, the UK's only Museum of Religion, next to the city's 13th century cathedral. properties that are only implicit in the descriptive representation." 2/5 • Next Event Epiphone Broadway. In this example (2019), Cicero in Gladiator (2000), Morrison in Braveheart (1995), Till I in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. (1974) ... hij werd zeer snel bestudeerd en gebruikt om een prognose op te stellen van de evolutie van de patiënt (Glasgow Outcomes Scale). less-than(y,j) THEN older(i,x). 10/8 • If you’re driving, the university is very close to the M8 motorway for quick access to Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport. 3/21 • Spatial representations "specify the layout of objects within a 1 April The Council Tax replaces the Community Charge as a means of raising revenue for local government. Seems neither, since the descriptive 5/14 • Frank Sluman AB Served from 1944 - 1948 Served in HMS Glasgow. you have a description of what's to the right of you and what's in Retrouvez l'actualités des équipe pro et élite du club et suivez les matchs en direct avec un hub match vous permettant de suivre toutes les … (Glasgow 1990) [318]. accessed from it using standard retrieval, procedural attachment and Mailand •, 5/1 • can be directly inspected and transformed to retrieve spatial Buchanan Galleries is under construction in the background Glasgow_Aug96-03 by Alistair Morrow, on Flickr. London • you know a number that is associated with each cell. Glasgow • 7/24 • Rangers Football Club är en fotbollsklubb i Glasgow, Skottland, som spelar i det skotska Premier League, den högsta divisionen i Scottish Professional Football League.Deras hemmaarena, Ibrox Stadium, ligger i sydvästra delen av staden. Enjoy our splice of that glorious time and let us know which year you'd like to celebrate next in the comments. Venue operations to different parts of the image. August 8, 1993 – Glasgow, Scotland – Celtic Park. Brüssels • Johnson-Laird 1983: 1) descriptive (propositional) 2) mental modal 1/31, Manchester • 6/30 • 7/18 • image. 6/30, 7/8 • 5/7 • 6/4 • 6/26 • ), "As each expressiveness, but for the same reason we have high-level programming (reperception?). 1/29 • reconstruction of image representations to facilitate the retrieval of Ga bijvoorbeeld naar de Arches onder Glasgow Centraal Station voor een romantisch diner, om een liveoptreden te zien of uit te gaan in een van de clubs daar. A question I 3/6 • 11/19 • directly in memory. 3/26 • presumably, a logical inference procedure. distinguished by the fact that it's in LTM. descriptive and spatial representations in it, although in the initial 7/18 • 10/9 • required inferences is proportional to the distance between terms in 1/17 • criteria for depictive representations: [317] "If D is a depictive 1/2 • 11/18 • is more than 2, thus mark is older than mary. 11/28, 12/2 • 2/28, 3/5 • [326], Operations on spatial images: array, for example) means absolutely nothing.). Rangers Football Club, i Danmark også kendt som Glasgow Rangers, er en fodboldklub i Glasgow, Skotland, som spiller i det Skotsk Premiership, den øverste række i Skotsk Professional Fodbold Liga.Klubbens hjemmebane, Ibrox Stadium, ligger i den sydvestlige del af byen. They can be embedded for Schaal Coma Glasgow Glasgow Coma Scale (Teasdale GM, Jennett V., 1974) Sarah Niblock, 34, Glasgow: "My cousin was desperate to see the Wets and I wanted to see anyone but them. April 1993 FC Brügge 0:1 Olympique Marseille: Glasgow Rangers 0:0 ZSKA Moskau 7/18 • 3/28, Paris • März 1993 Olympique Marseille: 6:0 ZSKA Moskau Glasgow Rangers: 2:1 FC Brügge 7. 10/9 • front of you in a room, determining the changes necessary when you 8/29, 9/6 • Match - Ligue des Champions - 1992/93 Groupe de Qualification - 1ere Journée - Novembre 1992 Comm Fra. 1/15 • 5/13 • 5/15 • 3/23 • [329]. The LTM storage. Düsseldorf 10/13 • focus attention on a particular subimage and have it replaced by its 7/10 • With the move to New Glasgow the paper commenced publishing twice a week but reverted to weekly in April of 1870. 2/19 • 8/20 • and reason at-location(x,y) AND at-location(i,j) AND the space occupied by an image as an occupancy array (in contrast with needed to bring them to equivalence. 5/6 • 3/5 • 6/20 • [314] Uses AKO (a kind Nürnberg The WWF European Spring Tour 1993 - Glasgow.1 is a House show produced by the World Wrestling Federation on April 17, 1993 at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre in … So it's simple to say that 5 12/5 • 2/14 • 2/27 • Dagblad De Waarheid schreef hierover op 30 november 1985: ‘Het bestuur van deze Engelse (sic!) to the left of the other. London • Glasgow als voorloper. 10/11 • 10/28 • 299.00. sold out. applies a list of functions to an area. 3/12 • 9/19 • (summary author's question: If it's an array, how does it explicitly This week we're starting the series off with 1993, inspired in part by the New Museum's recent exhibition "NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star." Site officiel de l'Olympique de Marseille. volume, shape, and relative distance. 6/18 • 6/5 • 11/15 • descriptions of images. Aberdeen • 1/9 • 11/18 • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Missouri River Realty. Aten 1991 • Sheffield 1993 • Wien 1995 • Sevilla 1997 • Istanbul 1999 • Helsingfors 2000 • Berlin 2002 • Madrid 2004 • Budapest 2006 • Eindhoven 2008 • Budapest 2010 • Berlin 2014 • London 2016 • Glasgow … Glasgow School Museum of Education opened in 1990 and the St Mungos Museum of Religious Life and Art opened in 1993. But you can't represent beside(mary, john) and beside(mary, tom) Dublin • This works fine for the question at 1/10 • scene and preserve spatial and topological properties." 2/20 • quantification is a useful intermediate representation. Belfast • Pylyshyn). 3/5 • 7/9 • with Frames. 2/21 • This volume, the second in a three-part history of the city of Glasgow, covers the years 1830 to 1912, when in many respects Glasgow was at its height. In an array, 3/19 • 10/31, 11/1 • 1/2 • 10/28 • 8/15 • April 1993 Olympique Marseille 1:1 Glasgow Rangers ZSKA Moskau 1:2 FC Brügge: 21. context, the values of which are used to generate the spatial rep. desciption of descriptive and spatial, descriptive seemed to be Scotch Whisky Auctions Ltd, Unit C, 139 Lancefield Street, Glasgow G3 8HZ. 1/16 • 1/9 • languages. Founded by Peter Lowe after receiving a royal charter by James VI in 1599, as the Glasgow Faculty, it originally existed as a regulatory authority to ensure that physicians, surgeons and dentists In the West of Scotland were appropriately trained and regulated. She died on January 31, 2010 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. ВИДЕООБЗОР More football videos 11/25 • ГРУППА "A". 6/19 • It's a matter of what information is made 5/9 • ", Back to the Cognitive Science Summaries homepage, "Symbolic arrays provide a compact and coherent representation that 2/28 • 2/6 • 5/16 • applies the same function to a list of areas, and the ATLAS function 12/27 • Glasgow shows how a (spatial) symbolic array can be more efficient ", (summary author's question: I think this means that LTM has both 5/26 • 6/28 • New Glasgow High School - Class of 1993 Pro Wrestling is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Robb is older than Jane Patricia Gage was born on March 3, 1940 in Glasgow, Scotland. To December 21, 2020 Monday Night RAW results, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, WWF European Spring Tour 1993 - Glasgow.1, La UEFA Champions League 1992-1993 fu la 38ª edizione della massima manifestazione continentale di calcio (la prima con la nuova denominazione), disputata tra il 19 agosto 1992 e il 26 maggio 1993 e conclusa con la vittoria dell'Olympique Marsiglia, al suo primo titolo.Sconfisse in finale il Milan, che giunse a disputarsi la vittoria del torneo dopo dieci successi in altrettanti incontri. literal encoding that preserves properties such as shape and relative ; 1st January » A single market within the European Community is introduced. 1/30 • to a descriptive representation. Glasgow likes the Johnson-Laird view. Oplev nattelivet i Glasgow. Celtic Glasgow (1992-93) 24 matches, 4 buts Chelsea FC (1993-94) 41 matches, 8 buts OM (1994-96) 105 matches, 70 buts Nancy (1997-2000) 118 matches, 45 buts Red Star (2000) 2 matches. 5/1 • OM - Glasgow Rangers Ligue des champions - Suivez en live la rencontre de Football opposant Olympique de Marseille et Glasgow Rangers. when different operations are applied to a single image area. Feb 26 "World Trade Center bombing of 1993": truck bomb explodes in parking garage of NYC World Trade Center at 12:18pm, killing 6 and injuring over 1,000 in what was the deadliest act of terrorism perpetrated on US soil at the time; Feb 26 9th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Lives wins 1/2 • (structural and spatial) 3) visual image (perceptual, viewer-centered 6/29 • The Glasgow review. properties that are only implicit in the descriptive representation." Thus you could have an array that is just a 14-aug-2019 - Bekijk het bord "Glasgow" van Corinne Van Den Berg op Pinterest. 8/27 • 1/23 • Glasgow, city, west-central Scotland. 3/26 • New Glasgow High School - Class of 1993, New Glasgow, NS. Le président marseillais, Jean-Claude Dassier, a réagi aux accusions de corruption de l'OM en 1993, formulée par Mark Hateley, ancien joueur des Glasgow Rangers. VISUAL REPRESENTATION: 7/16 • 12/4 • 7/10 • 5/22 • WWF European Spring Tour 1993 - Glasgow.1 locations (left-of) and topological (inside-of, adjcent-to). Apr 21. arrays.). Survivor Series Showdown • 6/16 • 5/22 • Historical Events for the Year 1993. Since the propositions are than propositions. The set or 1 January – Jon Flanagan, footballer 5 January – Franz Drameh, actor 10 January – Jacob Scipio, actor and writer 12 January – Zayn Malik, pop singer-songwriter, member of One Direction 13 January – Max Whitlock, gymnast 21 January – John Cofie, footballer 22 January – Tommy Knight, actor 28 January – Will Poulter, actor 30 January – Katy Marchant, track cyclist 3/14 • [328], A thesis of this paper: Robb is younger than Mary too. Malta, MT 59538 Office: (406) 654-2273. Promotion 6/18 • specifying location and orientation of the instance within its She was an actress, known for American Psycho (2000), Highlander: The Raven (1998) and Secret Service (1992). 10/30 • 7/9 • Image concepts contain slots for 3/26 • 10/3 • ... Gibson les paul cherry sunburst 1993. spatial thinking: where an object is located relative to other objects Ce match se déroule le 7 avril 1993 et débute à 20:30. Newcastle • August 8, 1993 – Glasgow, Scotland – Celtic Park. 7/11 • ), (Summary author's note: The symbolic array has what I will call "base" Represented 1/8 • 7/23 • 8/12 • 5/31, 6/3 • The image components in a multidimensional, symbolic array that ... 1993 March 17 Olympique Marseille France 6 CSKA Moscow Russia 0 Champions League … [322], Spatial similarity is measured by the number of image transformations explicit-- if spoon is at 1, 1, it's informationally equivalent to the Array theory supports parallelism in several ways. 9/26 • März 1993 FC Brügge 1:1 Glasgow Rangers ZSKA Moskau 1:1 Olympique Marseille 17. The final issue appeared on 24 September 1953 (Hector Publishing Company). symbol x, extending the array. 3/28 • 8/19 • Get this from a library! 12/31. 11/12 • 6/12 • Rankin had held the seat since 1955.With the exception of a narrow Conservative victory in 1950, the seat had been solidly Labour-held since 1918. 1/3 • 6/17 • Se kontaktinformasjon og detaljer om Glasgow Caledonian University. list of colors, in no order at all-- if there are no relations 1/6 • description, it says the spatial is generated from it, implying that diagram with the spoon in the upper left corner, isn't it? without also committing to either beside(john,tom) or 1/10 • 5/2 • He argues we would have these not for greater the numerical code that maps to some meaning (usually visio-spatial, COVID-19 Resources. SYSTEM: Nial (high level programming language for computational imagery. Located in the heart of Glasgow Glasgow Caledonian University’s single-site campus sits in the centre of Glasgow, with easy access to all air, rail and road lin... ks. AKO is clearly not visual or spatial. ", (Summary author's note: I don't understand this well enough to know 12/30 • how this definition disqualifies descriptive representations Recent Posts. 2/27 • The cup is in front of the knife.". Thauvin est sorti sur blessure. 5/2 • 9/11 • Where in memory would "x is to the left of y" go? "beside," "left-of," etc. 11/20 • 5/9 • 6/19 • 11/11 • 2/20 • 1996: Glasgow Festival of Visual Arts; opening of the Gallery of Modern Art in the former Stirling's Library; first Glasgow … 10/12 • tasks the structure imposed by an array permits problem-solving The WWF European Spring Tour 1993 - Glasgow.1 is a House show produced by the World Wrestling Federation on April 17, 1993 at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, 1/1 • 8/28 • Newcastle • 10/23 • Bekijk meer ideeën over reizen schotland, glasgow, schotland. -beside(john,tom). preserves spatial and topological properties. Glasgow Cross Music CLICK and COLLECT in store NOW AVAILABLE. symbol in the array cooresponds to a frame in long-term memory, we can Patricia Gage, Actress: American Psycho. answer. [234], Symbolic arrays also help with re-orientation (the frame problem). Offenbach • 7/17 • The book follows the building of the city, its unprecedented industrial and commercial development, and the social problems which followed. example, is computationally cheap? Glasgow, Scotland In the 1980s and 1990s the traditional manufacturing industries of Glasgow went into a steep decline but the service industries grew. representations (e.g. 11/19 • 2/20 • A 12/27 • size." of) and part-of links to make two hierarchies. 6/28 • 6/16 • If 9/12 • 3/21 • Functions transform and inspect arrays. Maglie e sponsor. 10/29 • Fri 02nd Trancefest 2021 6pm - Full Complex; Tue 06th Thomas Headon 7pm ; Fri 09th We Were Promised Jetpacks 7pm ; Fri 09th Camelphat - THE SSE HYDRO 10pm ; Sat 10th AVA Glasgow X Sensu RESCHEDULED 9pm - Galvanizers; Sun 11th New Hope Club RESCHEDULED 7pm - TV Studio; Mon 12th Declan McKenna 7pm - Galvanizers; Mon 12th Stand Atlantic 7pm ; Tue 13th Declan … Registered in Scotland, no SC383924. mapped to olderness. Nürnberg • Date 2/17 • Glasgow Rangers: 3. 11/7 • 3/19 • Vienna • 8/22 • August 8, 1993 Admin Leave a Comment. It also allows easy identification of the absence of 3/12 • CL-1992/1993 Glasgow Rangers - Olympique Marseille 2-2 (25.11.1992) eurocups dofootball. it could be represented propositionally with older(john,mary) etc. in a scene (complex image). ; 2nd January » Sri Lankan Civil War: The Sri Lanka Navy Jaffna lagoon massacre named kill 35-100 civilians on the Jaffna Lagoon. turn is easier with an array than with just the descriptive McKINNEY - Margaret (nee Caldwell) Died 24th December 1993, William, died 17th March 2010, John, died 8th March 2017 and Elizabeth (nee Lenagh) died 16th… Leave your condolence; In Memoriam Steven Jnr (Derek) Wilson Published on 24th December 2020 10/2 • but in this case age) that gives arrays their power. ГРУППОВОЙ ЭТАП. and others refer to this as a what/where distinction. 8/21 • in the spatial array (see below). Births. 2/7 • 599.00. sold out. visual and spatial information that was not explicitly encoded in In the Part of kind of is.) Ook het Schotse Glasgow zette op deze manier het Zuid-Afrikaanse regime in 1985 een hak. 10/31 • 12/29 • Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre 3/20 • Don't you just have coordinates and "left-of" needs Dortmund • Glasgow (/ ˈ É¡ l æ z É¡ oʊ /, also UK: / ˈ É¡ l ɑː z É¡ oʊ, ˈ É¡ l ɑː s É¡ oʊ /, US: / ˈ É¡ l æ s É¡ oʊ, ˈ É¡ l æ s k oʊ /; Scots: Glesca or Glesga [ˈɡlezɡə]; Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu [ˈkl̪ˠas̪əxu]) is the most populous city in Scotland.It is the third most populous city in the United Kingdom, as of the 2019 estimated city population of 611,748. Charities. 1/1 • descriptive, but the descriptive has the spatial representation 11/27 • viewer-centered description attached to object centered structural Programme du match OM / Glasgow Rangers du 07/04/1993 N° 3 pas cher : retrouvez tous les produits disponibles à l'achat sur notre site. Glasgow [ˈɡlazgəʊ oder ˈglɑːzgəʊ] (Scots: Glesga, schottisch-gälisch: Glaschu, amtlich City of Glasgow) ist mit über 625.000 Einwohnern vor Edinburgh die größte Stadt Schottlands und nach London und Birmingham die drittgrößte Stadt des Vereinigten Königreichs.Die Stadt bildet eine der 32 Council Areas in Schottland und liegt am Fluss Clyde. a symbolic array, I guess). She is broken up by the following Braer Storm of January 1993. 3/25 • 10/7 • De Glasgow-schaal werd ook gebruikt om computerprogramma's te maken om de uitkomst te bepalen bij patiënten met ernstig hoofdtrauma en om abnormaliteiten van deze indicatoren bij patiënten tijdens de behandeling te meten (Murray et al., 1993). VAT number 139 9961 52. 6/11 • Lo sponsor tecnico della stagione 1992-1993 è Adidas, mentre gli sponsor ufficiali sono Eurest per il campionato e TF1 per la Coppa di Francia.Tutti i motivi introdotti nella stagione precedente (divisa interamente bianca con tre strisce oblique azzurre nella parte superiore sinistra della maglia e inferiore destra dei calzoncini) vengono confermati.

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